My New Website:

My new website Epidemic (Hebrew) is up and running.
Epidemic is an open data public health project focused on making disease data accessible to the public. The website uses mainly Bokeh with some basic css and javascript, and has many options such as:

  • Viewing disease progression chart for dozens of …

Diving into Pandas is Faster than Reinventing it

This notebook aims to show some nice ways modern Pandas makes your life easier. It is not about efficiency. I'm pretty sure using Pandas' built-in methods will be more efficient than reinventing pandas, but the main goal is to make the code easier to read, and more important - easier to write.


My Talk @ PyCon IL

Anomaly Detection using Neural Networks, and extra Python stuff


Spacious Matplotlib Ticks

A recent issue I had in my research is tick labels that overlap each other. It happens when there are too many leading zeros before the significant digit, yet too loo little for matplotlib to intelligently shift to scientific notation (about 4-7 leading zeroes). That result in the tick labels …