This Is Me

I am currently a M.Sc student in Tel Aviv University's Big Data Lab interested in data-science, data-driven analysis, mathematical modeling, business intelligence, graph based models, and cost-effectiveness optimization methods.
As a captain in the Israeli Air Force I applied those methods to manage and improve the productivity and reduce the costs of various systems.

An Aspiring Data Scientist

Beginning my path as a data scientist, I love everything data: data mining, data visualization, data analysis, machine learning, big data and much more...
I work mostly with python, sometimes with R, and I'm a big believer in open-source.
In my blog I write about my journey in the data science.

My Research

Under the supervision of Dr. Erez Shmueli and Dr. Dan Yamin my research is focused around optimization of Pertussis vaccination in Israel.

Pertussis is a highly contagious disease that primarily affects infants. Revisiting existing vaccination policies on a country-specific basis is essential.

The first part of the thesis aims at evaluating the actual extent of pertussis in Israel. we analyze reported cases of pertussis accumulated for nearly two decades. Using Markov chain Monte Carlo, We find that the pertussis incidence were quadrupled and follow a four-year pattern of periodicity.

The second part aims at offering a total vaccination policy to reduce morbidity and mortality. We develop an age-structured Markov processes of pertussis transmission in Israel. Our model integrates the primary government data alongside a large dataset (over 2 TB) of private cellphone based GPS traces to capture mobility as well as the mixing patterns of the population.

In light of our preliminary findings, and supported by our collaborators from the Israel Ministry of Health, we aim to shape pertussis immunization policy in Israel.