During the last few month I was lucky enough to travel around the world and talk about my university work: Disease modeling with Python. Back then, we would have thought that only a few month later this will be all too relevant.

@Pydata Warsaw

Had a great time talking about how to use python with pymc3 and scipy to model disease behavior and find optimal vaccination strategies. PyData Warsaw is an awesome event at an awesome city.

@Olmait Tbilisi

I was invited by Olmait to Tbilisi, Georgia to speak in front of the local data-science community about disease modeling, pandas, numpy, pymc3 and much more. Georgia is not (yet) known for its tech scene, but after being exposed to some awesome people, I think it's will be a good bet saying they have a bright future.

@PyCon/PyData Israel

This was actually given first, in fron of a local crowd with a home court advantage.


Some webinars I gave after the pandemic started


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